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Top Seven Stunning Bollywood Babes Rocking the Entire Film Industry

We are presenting you with a number of young, dashing and restless Bollywood babes who are creating ripples across people's minds and souls. These are the girls loaded with immense talent and are equally bold and beautiful. These babes are ready to prove their mettle anytime and are only waiting for a blasting performance.

The industry has produced a plethora of Bollywood babes over the years. The trend of discovering new talent is not new. In fact, it has actually been a tradition and is going on for last few decades.

Image Credit: IBandhu

You often come across young and talented Bollywood babes either in a dance sequel, item song or in the form of a short capture from the film. In reality, it looks hard to get an appreciation from the audience in a very short appearance. But sometimes, with the help of your talent, you often get recognition after consistent efforts and with the help of ready to go attitude!

In the present scenario, there are so many young and fresh faces that have become the industry trend. Today, no film is complete without an adoring item song or a special guest appearance by someone who is talented and equally look explosive.

Today, the entertainment industry has become so vast and is still growing with a constant pace with so many hot and new faces emerging from time to time. In fact, there is no shortage of talent as you can see after going through with these top ten Bollywood babes who are going restless to perform at their best.

1. Vidya Balan 

The actress has proved her mettle over the years by performing on the big screen. At the time of disclosing her persona, we do not want to take a note of the general feeling about the actress. In fact, the actress has her own fan following. One of her biggest assets is none other than her own versatility which is her biggest forte. 

And this is the reason why her acting prowess does not go unnoticed. In the recent past, she liberally flaunted her spicy curves in one of her films- "The Dirty Picture". The 2011 released movie helped her win a National award in the category of best actress.

2. Katrina Kaif

Katrina is again one of the curvy actresses who is rising high in Bollywood due to her super talent and fan following. The flamboyant actress has appeared in a number of films and is rated among top Bollywood personalities.

3. Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha, before entering into the film industry happened to be overweight. But the later chose to shed over 30 kilos of weight in her debut film Dabangg opposite Salman Khan.

But even after losing extra calories, she could not attain a zero figure. And due to this, the actress had to face so many bad comments. 

Now, unperturbed by comments about her bulky figure and also her failure to attain zero figure, the star actress fells that her film's success is everything to her which should be enough to stop the wagging tongues.

4. Huma Qureshi

Huma is one of the top Bollywood babes who is the daughter of famous restaurateur Saleem Qureshi. Albeit, the curvy girl is a proclaim foodie, but still believes in staying fit. Some of her latest and popular films include Dedh Ishquiya and GOW.

5. Parineeti Chopra

Parineeti Chopra is an incredibly popular and rising personality of Bollywood. She is able to rule the audience with the help of her unmatched talent and unparalleled acting prowess.

6. Sherlyn Chopra

Sherlyn Chopra is a famous model and actress who is quite famous for his seductive looks and her work in Bollywood and Playboy. Chopra became the first ever model and Indian actress who posed nude for the famous and official playboy magazine.

She was also selected as the celebrity to host the 6th season of MTV Splitsvilla. After that, she released her own music album in 2013 titled- 'Bad Girl'. In 2017, the bold actress appeared in a short film titled Maya. Some of her other known Bollywood films include Wajah Tum Ho (2016), Kamasutra 3D (2014), Dil Bole Hadippa! (2009), etc.

7. Sunny Leone

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Sunny Leone is one of the top Bollywood babes who is currently ruling the entire Bollywood. She has not only proved her capabilities in being a fine artist but also someone who knows how to make her audience glued on their television screens. The famous Bollywood star was once a porn star and also has an American citizenship.

The actress has not only played memorable roles in films, mainstream events and TV shows. She first appeared in her mainstream role in 2005, after she worked for MTV music award show on the popular channel titled MTV India. She was also a participant in Bigg Boss show in the year 2011.

Along with that, Leone also hosted Splitsvilla (Indian reality show). Some of her work include Tera Intezaar (2017), PSV Garuda Vega (2017). Baadshaho (2017), Noor, Raees (2017),  and many more.

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Latest Bollywood News- Neetu Chandra Refused Kissing Sunny Leone

Neetu Chandra
Hey Guys, in the series of latest Bollywood news, we have to share something new here. Do you know Neetu Chandra, who was in limelight in recently because of her bold photo shoots. The actress has already shed almost 12 Kgs. However, the official figure is about 5.5 kgs.

Well, the actress is quite bold and promising one. She made a debut in a Telugu film Godavari in the year 2006. Now, as per latest Bollywood news, the actress might be seen featuring in yet another Telugu movie Manam. This film is a multistarer film.

Neetu, who is also a fitness freak, is busy losing some extra pounds to make her fit for the movie as discussed above. She can be seen working out in the gym for long hours. Well, You may even see the effect on her face.

Do you remember Ragini MMS2? As per the latest Bollywood news, the role of Sandhya Mridul was given to Neetu Chandra. In the film, she was asked to kiss Sunny Leone. It's been speculated that she not only refused to do that but also left the film. Please watch the video here to know more.

Neetu Chandra

Neetu Chandra REFUSES to KISS Sunny Leone by Bollywood Everywhere

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Bollywood babes

This is a real inside story of Bollywood today! Do you know what all I mean to say? Yes. I am talking about some of the Bollywood hot actresses (with playboy kind of image) who want to become famous or to be in limelight just for the sake of their career. Please click here to know more about their real life stories.

That's quite interesting till the time they work sincerely as per their talent. After all who doesn't want to get name and fame, but at what cost? Well, most of the new Hindi movies actresses don't want to leave any stone unturned in the path of their success to get all they want. Please find out more as we have full Bollywood masala for you..

Some of the Bollywood hot babes don't mind posing nude in front of the camera. Stripping queen Poonam Panday surprised all when she agreed to pose nude in an ad shoot. She posted her nude photographs besides a coffee cup. Apart from this, latest news about this Bollywood actress is that she is all geared up to do a Kanada film now and will be performing in an item song. It's been said that she is already in Bangalore for the shoot.
Image of Poonam Pandey

As we all know, she was last featured in an erotic Hindi movie Nasha (released in July, 2013). The director of the film (do you remember he is the same guy who directed Jism), Amit Saxena said he was surprised the way she acted in the film. She behaved just like any other senior actress of hindi movies. Amit said he was not initially sure that she would be doing so well, especially with the kind of role she was offered..

He further said that that the lady is not only a talented actress, but is also bold and confident enough from inside and that's what make her successful and off-course in the limelight most often.

Do you want to know what all she has to say on this? She said in a recent interview that she is not a porn star or want to do adult movies. She doesn't want to compare herself with famous porn star Sunny Leone, when asked about her baring roles. She is still clear on her stand saying that she is focused to do only those roles which appeal her and not interested doing adult films.

We can still remember her featuring in a song from her last movie Nasha where she was seen doing a pole dance. In the video, this Bollywood babe proved to be a good pole dancer as well. So, don't you guys thin that she is so talented.

Recently, Sherlyn Chopra also posed nude in a shoot of an erotic movie Kamsutra and is seen posing nude with a coffee cup.
Image of model photoshoot

In recent past, as we all know, she created a big controversy and excitement amid of her announcement that she would be stripping completely in front of Indian cricket team if they win their final world cup match and therefore win the title of world champions.

This actually created lots of controversies and excitement among people. However, she didn't stick to her words back despite of heavy response from the people. However, she later announced that she would be stripping in future for the Indian Cricket team as and when asked to do.

After this, finally the top siren announced that she would, in fact pose nude whenever our Team India would win. Finally she started posting her semi nude pictures on the internet to boost the morale of our cricket team as their performance was going down in their cricket series with England.

After all the heavy response from public in general, she further announced that she would be stripping every time as and when our Indian Cricket Team would win a match and not only this, she would post her hotter pictures on the internet to boost their morale. Everyone was amazed at her announcement and this time she actually did what she had said.

Now, we are going to introduce you with one of the famous hottest Bollywood actresses Sherlyn Chopra. Her story is quite similar to Poonam Panday.

Image of Poonam Pandey
These Bollywood Babes are smart enough to attract thousands of attentions to their way, but not because of their acting, then what? Please find this out.

In spite of having a good pool of talent, these hottest Bollywood actresses could not achieve much in their career. They mostly remained in the news not because they have done something remarkable to impress their audiences, but mainly by doing some bold  and hot photo shoots and even posing nude in front of the camera which has finally becomes a news for all of us. Please click here for more latest updates in Bollywood

As we are well aware that if we talk about her acting career then it doesn't seem going anywhere. She was last featured in the movie Dil Bole Hadippa. After that nothing much she could headed for. She was also once featured in the front page of the Playboy magazine, but then what she should do to be in limelight or to get people's attention?
Image of Sherlyn chopra

Well, the answer to this is quite obvious as we occasionally see her nude pictures posted on Internet. She had once tweeted that eroticism has its own moral justification and like that.

Now the question arises as how long she would continue doing like that. I mean she is not getting any offers from Bollywood and till that time she is busy doing nude photo shoots or posing in Playboy magazine to get the attention. However, if this continues to happen like this for her even in the future, then she might head towards Hollywood and could even sign a new film for her.

Nude Actress Poonam Pandey & Sherlyn Chopra - Who's Hottest ? by Bollywood NOW